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Knowing that most activists all over the world understand that the root cause of our widening crisis is the exploitation of people and the earth by corporations with backup from the governments that do their bidding, GPS Action seeks to unite all in the struggle for a New Social Contract.

GPS Action aims to build a global network capable of calling coordinated, global actions against global capital, especially the commercial and central banks that run the global economy. We know that once capital realizes that the people are well enough networked to stage direct action against corporate power, it will be forced to enter negotiation over a new social contract.

The only real question is how well and rapidly we can build this network.

Here at GPS Action, we do not know how easy this will be or how long it will take. Network theory suggests that everyone in our world is connected within six degrees of separation with everyone else. The Internet and social media provide the means to systemically network these connections. What will it take for GPS Action to go viral?

We’re trying to figure this out while we try to get the ball rolling. We’re looking for collaborators. Contact us by email (, introduce yourself, and suggest ways that you can help build the network.  And take part in the global buzz campaigns that emanate from this site.

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