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Every social contract has its own means of enforcement. Since the inept nation-states (governments) of our world lack the will or capacity to stand up to corporate influence, the next social contract must augment state power with other means of delineating and addressing human needs.

That means is the virtual assembly of the world’s people, an assembly that is building through struggles of all sorts that GPS Action aims to augment and bolster. The assembly will be perfected, after victory, through new social media networks designed specifically to tap the problem-solving insights of the world's people and register their decisions regarding priorities and practice. 

For now, this assembly can only be sketched, but to achieve its mission, it must have adequate resources: 

>    We need funds to create and sustain an effective, participatory, Global Problem-Solving Authority (GPSA) so that we can, en masse, manage and direct the social and ecological work that is now required to save our world.

>    We need funds to finance and sustain a vast expansion of the NGO economy of the non-profit, mission-driven organizations of Civil Society.

>    We need funds for hugely stepped up investments in infrastructure, health, education, old age security, and peaceful conflict resolution all over our world.

>    We need employment for every person on earth who wants to work for a better future.

>    We need a GPSA with a permanent revenue stream from fees on corporate commercial transactions and the power to issue and manage credit lines to NGOs as they expand services at the global grassroots.

Only the global network of the world’s people has the potential to impose its will on corporations and governments that refuse a serious, sustained effort to prevent our mushrooming global catastrophe. We must build that network and demand the money we need to institutionalize and enforce a new social contract with corporate capital.

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