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Global Problem-Solving (GPS) is the Answer!
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Demand a New Social Contract from Corporate Capitalism!

  • Corporate Accountability
  • Full Employment
  • Peace
  • Justice
  • Social Service
  • A Sustainable Future

As civilization endures a social and ecological meltdown of epic proportions, GPS Action aims to network our world so that we, the world's people, can take direct, coordinated action against the corporations in the fight for a new social contract. We demand corporate accountability – Show us the money! – for full employment, peace, justice, social service and a sustainable future.

Everyone knows corporations profit by externalizing (shifting to others) the many very serious social and ecological costs of their production. This is manifest in increasingly polarized wealth and poverty, in spreading hopelessness and violence, and in a mounting ecological catastrophe. A dark age threatens.

We know this. Now, we need to act as one. Corporations must be held to social account!

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